Day 10, Fort Louisbourg, NS

There was no need for Sharon and I to keep in "talkie-walkie" touch while travelling together in the car, but they did prove to be quite valuable while travelling in tandem: Sharon and I in our car, Donna and Keith in their van.  Because during our highway travels, we were able to exchange important information such as a much needed bathroom break, or a Timmy's coffee shop just around the corner.  And with a GPS in their van, directions could be sent back to Sharon and I in real time.  

From Baddeck we drove directly to Louisbourg with only a few minor pull-offs along the way.  And after both an un-guided and a guided tour of Fort Louisbourg, we four headed back to North Sydney in search of our next bed and breakfast, and then head off for a well deserved bite to eat and a pint or two to slosh it down.

The following day we board the 11:30 am ferry from North Sydney to Port aux Basque, NFLD--oh, goodie!

But before the ferry ride, please enjoy Fort Louisbourg.


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