Day 21, Bonavista, the second half - randyhenderson

Day 21, Bonavista, the second half

After finishing our suck of a growler on the shores of Elliston, Sharon and I continued a few more kilometres south where we viewed some very old root cellars, we also visited a unique puffin nesting colony, checked out 600 million year old rocks in The Dungeon, got into a tad bit of trouble in an almost one of a kind lighthouse, and finally I watched as Sharon had a one-way conservation with the explorer John Cabot.

Enjoy the show


The Elliston website below explains in greater detail what I have mentioned above.

For your information:

Elliston Community Website

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Looking Back

Looking Back

North Bird Island is also a nesting ground for the puffins, but maybe due to a housing shortage some birds left that neighbourhood and moved over here.