Day 6, Peggy's Cove NS, June 16

This stop in Peggy's Cove was unlike any of my childhood visits. While living in Dartmouth, I made the occasional trip to the cove along with my cousin from Halifax. All I can recall from those earlier years is a lighthouse surrounded by a lot of neat rocks.

I'm thinkin' this is probably one of my favourite harbour communities we visited while in the Atlantic Provinces.

But before Peggy's Cove, Sharon and I went on a ramble, crossing through terrain unlike anything we have experienced in the mountains of Alberta or British Columbia.  And at the end of the trail, overlooking Polly's Cove, we discovered some remains without a history, or so we first thought.



Coming Soon:

After we left Peggy's Cove, Sharon and I continued on, following the coasts of St. Margarets Bay and Mahone Bay and arriving in Lunenburg, birthplace of the racing and fishing schooner the Bluenose.

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