Day 22, St. John's and Cape Spear

Our fun times have come to an end in Bonavista, and it is time to continue on, this time to the capital city of the province, St. John's, where we will be spending our next two sleeps.  There is a lot we have planned to see and do within those two days, so we waste no time diddle-dallying along the way.  

What we did not plan on was for no one to answer the doorbell at Cantwell House B&B  once we have arrived.  2pm in the afternoon must be a tad early for anyone to be home, but because there is no safe place to legally leave our cars without a parking permit, we can't hang around waiting for the doors to open.  What to do in the meantime is cause for our contingency plans to kick into action.  

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For your Information:   St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador  

                                                   Cape Spear, NL                                                        

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