DAYS 15-16, Our First Iceberg Sighting - randyhenderson

DAYS 15-16, Our First Iceberg Sighting

We were celebrated with light rain and very gusty winds during our departure of Cow Head this Wednesday, June, 25th. Following the shoreline along Route 430 our destination today is Gunners Cove for our next two nights sleep-over.  

Forty-five minutes up the road and our first pull off is at Arches Provincial Park, which will be a brief stay due to the weather.  But all is not doom-and-gloom, interesting things are to be discovered further up the road, and the weather is going to clear as well, which makes for excellent iceberg viewing.

Just do to the nature of following the coast line, there are loads of opportunities to stop, step out of our vehicles, and go on mini explorations.  And it wasn't until nine hours out of Cow Head did we pull into Hillsview B&B in Gunners Cove.

Tomorrow we visit L' Anse aux Meadows, which has been designated as a UNESCO site, and is "thus unique evidence of the earliest known European presence on the American continent."



Informational Links:

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Our First Berg Sighting

Our First Berg Sighting

Every year about 40,000 icebergs are born in Greenland, but only 400 to 800 reach St. John's NL.
This iceberg and all to follow, originated from Western Greenland almost two years ago. Once they separate from the Greenland ice sheets, the bergs drift through the Davis Strait, latch onto the Labrador Current, and sail into "Iceberg Alley."