Day 19, Part One, Twillingate, Newfoundland

Our day got underway as we said "have a good time" to Donna and Keith, while they sailed off in the Galactic Mariner in search of icebergs.  

As they vanished out of sight, Sharon and I started about our business, hanging around Gillott Cove for a bit longer, but only until our mood set us off into a different adventure.  

Ragged Point was one of our stops of choice during the return back to Twillingate.  Great closeup views of icebergs was only one of the benefits for our detour.

Later we paid a visit to Mel, the retired fisherman.  Mel was more than willing to spend some time with Sharon and I, chatting about things retired fisherman chat about.  Things like all his treasured collections, or how to toss a fish net.

Take a few moments to view the websites below.  

The two on capelin are interesting.  Capelin Rolling is a 1948 documentary on the capelin fishing industry in Newfoundland--it didn't look too promising back then.

Capelin Time by the Dunne Family is real footage of the Dunne Family capelin fishing and the throwing of the net, just as Mel is doing in the photograph he is holding with Sharon.

And if that's not enough, you'll be entertained by some fun Newfoundland music as well.



Information Websites:        

Skipper Jims Iceberg Visits

Short Iceberg Video

Capelin Rolling

Capelin Time by The Dunne Family

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