DAY 28, Travel Day to Dear Lake

Leaving Clarenville and heading to Deer Lake.

A stop or two along the way to anywhere is always worth the while.

After travelling a short distance from Clarenville we made a pull-over into Terra Nova National Park for an interesting hour or so of exploring.  From here Sharon and I parted ways with Donna and Keith, each of us couples planning to meet up again towards the end of our day in Deer Lake.

From Terra Nova, Sharon and I continued on to Joey's Lookout, and finally pulling into Deer Lake around supper time.  

That pretty much took care of today's travel plans. There is not too much to say about our Deer Lake visit, except that it was our sleep over for the night.

The following day, July 9th, we are on the road again and headed towards the haunted lighthouse of Rose Blanche, about twenty-five kilometres east of Channel-Port aux Basques.  



Joey Smallwood

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