Day 20 Bound for Bonavista - - kind of

As we're heading out of Twillingate, "us four" pulled off to the side of the road and made a few parting photographs of nature's iceberg sculpturing.  

Only an hour or so from Bonavista, we found ourselves a tad directionally challenged.  It still is a bit of a mystery to me as to how we arrived in the postal code area of Trinity, which is directly south-east of Bonavista on Route 230, when I thought we should have been on Route 235, directly south-west of Bonavista.  Oh! Sharon has just now informed me that as we were approaching Trinity, and still lost, Donna who we were following at the time, was reading that Trinity seemed like an interesting town to pull into--and so we did. 

The citizens of this 18th century port, have made it a priority to preserve a very large portion of the town's structures. Buildings such as houses, art galleries, museums, and other historic sites, have been restored back to their original beginnings.

After an hour or so of playing hide-and-seek with Sharon through the maze of lanes and alleys in the town of Trinity, we set off in hopes of meeting up with Donna and Keith, who have by now become quite settled in to watching the humpback whales feed on capelin fish just off the shores of the Fort Point Lighthouse, in Trinity harbour.

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Trinity, Newfoundland

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