Day 18, Twillingate

Another travel day is upon "us four".  Today we are leaving Deer Lake, heading east along the TransCanada bound for the iceberg capital of the world.  A town of 2,500, Twillingate is located on Twillingate Island in Notre Dame Bay.  

Our five and a half hour journey was for the most part a non-stop affair; a pee break here, a Timmy break there, that was pretty much it.  Our two sleep-overs at the Sleepy Noggin would give us time to get a handle on what Twillingate had to offer, and so the sooner we get there, the sooner we can get started.

In our general assessment, the one outing that most disappointed us during our visit was the lobster feast we attended.  I guess the locals don't mind serving up their lobsters just a tad above room temperature.  Oh yea, and for that evenings entertainment?  Well it was quite difficult understanding the Newfie jokes being told on stage--man those Newfoundlanders speak quickly.  And with the dialect, it was hopeless getting any of the punchlines.  But the audience laughed, so we assumed the jokes must have been funny, so we laughed too.    


Twillingate, NL



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