Day 1, Prince Edward Island, June 11

We arrived in Charlottetown PEI in the late afternoon of Tuesday, July 10th. Getting settled into our bed and breakfast and then going out for dinner, pretty much took care of the rest of the day--the real fun starts tomorrow. Our first real day of our 35 days of holidays is today, Wednesday. And today we drove to Green Gables, Cavendish, on the north shore of the island, in Prince Edward Island National Park, Cavendish. This was home to Lucy Maud Montgomery, the author of Anne of Green Gables. The second half of our day was also spent in the park, this time wandering around the 350 million year old red sandstone bedrock, which formed the shoreline along the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Coming up are photos of our first day in PEI. What’s coming up next week?



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