River Runs Deep, Calgary Flood, June 22, 2013

Calgary Flood, June 22nd, 2013  

I parked my car on a residential street overlooking the surging Bow River and a flooded portion of the community of Sunnyside, and took my camera for a walk. It was not a pretty sight by any stretch. I have seen flood waters on television before but have never been up close and personal to one. This is certainly a true life experience that folks are going through and it is impossible to really feel their pain. Days later after the waters had subsided the massive cleanup began. Through the affected residential neighbourhoods, walls of personal items damaged by the flood waters were chucked out into the streets, forever abandoning people's lives. And emerging from all of this chaos were the countless number of volunteers who took it upon themselves to do whatever it took to help those in need. I was truly impacted by these strangers helping strangers, working in harmony with each other to bring some sort of normalcy back into an individuals life.



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