Helen Lake and Above - Aug. 29, 2015

From the TransCanada and Icefields Parkway (highway 96) junction, we headed north for 33 kilometres.  The Helen Lake trailhead is located across the highway from the Crowfoot Glacier viewpoint.  

The first couple of kilometres of the trail is a moderate climb through subalpine forest.  Along this stretch views of the Crowfoot Glacier and Bow Lake come into splendid view.  At kilometre two hikers make a left turn north, and the grunt work begins for another kilometre and a half, which is when most of the height gain is attained.  

My first visit up here was July 18th, 1998, and I don't think much has changed since then.  It is still 6 km. to the lake, with an altitude gain of 550 m. and a loss of 125 m.  My travelling time to the lake was a respectable 2 hours, which included rest stops and pixel moments.

Well enough of this chatter, let's get on with the exciting stuff shall we.

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