Hawk Creek to Ball Pass - July 18, 2015

This is not a difficult hike for anyone in reasonable hiking shape. The elevation gain is 862 metres, over a one-way distance of 9.2 kilometres.  Doing the basic math that equates to a tidy sum of 93.7 metres of gain for every 1 kilometre travelled.  Not so bad.

From the saddle of Ball Pass, hikers have an open view of Shadow Lake and Shadow Lake Lodge 7 kilometres down into the valley. We didn't stray to far once at the top, after all I'm thinkin' we spent around four hours getting up here, so we just stayed close to home, meandering here and there exploring the different vistas both above and below.   

To me what was most impressive on the day was the abundance of wildflowers, especially those at the higher up altitudes, and the pretty sparkling large rocks and boulders parked along the trail. Maybe for the geologists out there, one can identify these twinkling gems on my comment link.

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