Now that tree and truck are joined at the rope, it's time to pull.

September in Kelowna

In September Sharon and I headed west to Kelowna British Columbia to visit with family.  And to give you an idea of what we did while we were there, feel free to take a peak-a-boo.      

There are 83 photos broken up into 9 days, with each day having its own theme and informative descriptions.

Day One   Getting There  Our day trip to Kelowna and family stuff in the evening.

Day Three   Falling Trees  Saturday is the day we cut down trees in the bush.

Day Four   Breaking Trees to Breaking Eggs  I wander off into an apple orchard and pay a visit to a horse.

Day Five   Web Design  Photographing a spider designing his web.

Day Seven   Hand Drumming  Joining in on Natalie's hand drumming school band.

Day Nine   Grapes and Duck Lake  This is the day Sharon and I travel back home.

If you care to see a really neat video showing a spider constructing its web in slow-mo, click on the link below.

Spider Web Construction



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