Breakfast at Champions

Friday, November 18th


Saturday the 19th

It has been quite a few years since Sharon and I rode the rails to Windsor from Toronto, and it was early evening before we reached the end of the line.

From the station in Windsor we were driven to Enterprise to pick up our rental car and from there we drove to our BnB.

Earlier in the week it was planned that when Sharon and I got settled in I would phone Kelly to make arrangements for tomorrow morning's meeting for breakfast.  That was foiled when Sharon discovered there was no land line phone to use in our place.  I guess it is now assumed all travellers have cell phones, but so far not us.

Not to worry though, we did manage to connect up with Kelly and we did make plans to meet at Champions restaurant for brunch tomorrow morning.  

Now this is unlike any family breakfast I have attended before, and the reasons why that is are explained in the photo captions.


  • Kelly Henderson

    on December 16, 2016

    Wow! Great pics! Really enjoyed your visit here.

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