Art Square Gallery

Sharon and I arrived at the Toronto airport in the late afternoon of Wednesday, Nov. 16th.  In the early evening of the same day we were making ourselves comfortable, waiting for Heather and Mike to arrive home.  By mid-morning of the following day, Sharon and I had set our day's activities into motion.

First and foremost was to meet up with Susan, who will lead us off to a favourite eatery spot of hers, the Art Square Cafe.

After lunch we walk Susan back to her work place, the U of T.  And while here, Sharon and I take a micro self-guided tour around the campus.  From the campus we make the short walk over to the Legislative Building where we have an inside guided tour.  From here it is time to walk back to the Art Square Cafe where we will attend an art exhibit opening.

From the cafe, Sharon and I make our way back home.  But the day will not be complete until we join in with Mike and Heather as they travel to their curling club for a mixed doubles match, in which Heather is throwing lead stones and Mike is the skipper. 


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